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Musically Minded’s 2017-2018 Academic Season offers many educational options. Students may choose from private, semi-private or group lessons. Bands, choirs and kids’ camps are also offered as well as both professional and student performance events. With over fifteen teachers with a wide variety of skills and knowledge, we aim to provide a variety of genres and instruments to meet varying student interests, ages and abilities.

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Private Lessons

Our private and semi-private lessons are the core programs of the Academy. We have students enrolled in this program who have been with us for over 10 years. Private and Semi-Private instruction allows students and instructors to create a highly customized educational plan to tailor exactly to student needs. This is the traditional course of study for the most serious of students when they enter higher skill levels on their instruments.

See Private Lessons for More Information


Semi - Private Lessons

Semi-private lessons offer a solution that is both more affordable and more motivating for some students. This course of study is a wonderful solution for families that want small class ratios and whom need a more affordable option for music instruction. Some students thrive more in semi-private and small group lessons than they do in private lessons because they are motivated by the student that they are paired with. Also, parents of young students support one another on issues such as practicing, scheduling and transportation to and from lessons.


Group Lessons

Small (4-6 students) group lessons start each semester on various instruments. Lessons range from groups tailored for students as young as age four, through teen and adult instruction.

For More Information See Group Lessons


Bands and Choirs

We have numerous bands and choirs that students may join. These groups do not teach students how to play their instruments, but rather, give them opportunities to work on repertoire with a group. It is suggested that students enroll in these groups in conjunction with private, semi-private or group lessons.

For more Information select from the following:

1. Adult Choir

2. Kids Choir

3. Teen Choir


Student Performance Events

Our mission at Musically Minded Academy is to “build community through performance based music education”. Student performance opportunities are the heart of our program. All enrolled students will have an opportunity to perform and even collaborate with other enrolled students in our performance events.

For More Information See Student Events


Professional Concerts

Jim Bennett, the artistic director of the Musically Minded Academy “In the Moment” Concert Series presents local professional musicians in live concerts monthly. This series is present in partnership with Jazz in the Neighborhood’s “Guaranteed Musician’s Fund” which ensures that performers will be get a living wage each time they present a concert. The series is temporarily on hold while we relocate the venue. Concerts will be coming soon though, so stay tuned!

For More Information see Professional Concerts


Musical Theater Day Camps

Kids’ camps are available during breaks and holidays. We begin each week of camp with a cast meeting where kids choose the plot, location, and characters for their original production. We listen openly to their creative voices as when students feel truly heard it builds the rapport necessary for us to collaborate to build each new production! Realizing a creative vision requires dedication, effort, and rehearsal, rehearsal, rehearsal. As trained musicians and performers, we know how to support each child through their own creative process and to provide them with the tools to perform to their full potential.

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